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Don Ray Smith's
"Wilson Avenue and the
Land of No Return"

A One Man Show that Rises from Bigotry to Brotherhood (See Video Below)

A True Story about the Forgotten Past of Louisville's West End.

As integration polarized Louisville, Kentucky, further into a black and white world, white boys had to choose a side. One boy chose love. This is his story.

Don Ray Smith grew up in a West End world that was for him all-white. His "Wilson Avenue and the Land of No Return" captures a time of strict segregation and hardline attitudes in Louisville.



*(See Testimonials Below)

PRAISE for 'Wilson Avenue'...

"Don put on a Fantastic One Man Show... I hope you get a chance to see this open and honest discussion about race."

"What I find so the unsparing honesty it conveys.  This is not a sugar coated journey through one man's life.  Wilson Avenue takes a different route into the creation of a thinking, compassionate human being and shows the many twists and turns it takes to get there.   No one is spared and at the same time no one is blamed as the author's life unfolds in vignettes that capture another time and place.  A childhood surrounded by hate.   An adolescence lifted by discovery.   And a young adulthood headed tentatively into a new world.  It's all here on Wilson Avenue ..."  

"This play is a perfect teaching tool to present the lesson that we are really all the same."

"Don, what a great show! I was in tears, being touched so deeply with the

truths you are telling...thank you for sharing your family ."